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- Disclosure, by Kostya Traschenkow

- Apple cake for squirrel (2 parts), by Kostya Traschenkow

- Tribute to imaginary spirit of a trombone player, abandoned by military orchestra, by Milda Laužikaitė

- Foraging for powerful plants around Salpa Line, by Andrew Paterson

- Bunker 82 by Aigars Lielbardis /finland/virolahti

- Expedition to Irbene and Liepaja, Abandoned Mystery film by Evaldas Jansas

- down and up, Salpa Linja, Finland, by Antanas Stančius, September 2012

- You are now in the Abandoned Mystery, Reina Magica, September 2012

- JOURNEY TO THE CITY OF CLASHES, Lukas Brašiškis, August-September 2012 ‎

- Aura: Salpa Linja, Reina Magica, September 2012

- Bunker Symphony, part one and part two, Dmitry Demidov, May and August, 2012

- Essay: Circularities, Aizpute, Latvia, August 2012

- Schematics: Explosion schematics, Aizpute, Latvia, August 2012

- Images: Explosion images, Aizpute, Latvia, August 2012

- DIGITALIZED FRAME OF THE ANALOG PAST, Lukas Brašiškis, August 2012 ‎

- FILM STORY OF THE TWO, Milda Laužikaitė and Saulius Leonavičius, May 2012

- THE SNARES, Milda Laužikaitė and Saulius Leonavičius, May 2012

- On official knowledge of contemporary art and trauma, Mindaugas Gapsevicius, Kassel, July 2012 (published on flaneur and kulturturkontactnord)

-Glory, work in progress, Arnar Steinn Fridbjarnarson, May 2012

- The Chronicles of The Journey in Time, work in progress, Lukas Brasiskis, May 2012

-Bunker Symphony, part one File:Bunker Symphony part 1 (mix 1).mp3, Dmitry Demidov, May 2012

-Attempting obliteration with benign violence (Explosion), Fiona Flynn and Saulius Leonivicius, film and edit Arnar Steinn Friðbjarnason, May 2012 Essay: [1]

-Memel nord battery + Schweinsrucken submarine storage base + 58 missile division based in Tauragė, 1st squadron + Plokštinės missile base + Molotovo line + Radio Telescope, Irbene + Libava Fortress, Liepaja + South Fort, Liepaja + Gaps + Routes + Voids + Traces + Architecture + Fascist Surveillance Architecture + Spots + Rainbow + Hole + Kirlian + Explosion + Aura + Wetness

Photo: Antanas Stančius. Memel Nord