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Glory - Series of photos and texts.

control room

Glory looks at the old "romantic" notion of the “glorious warfare” and reflect upon this idea in today’s perspective. This tool of glorifying war has been used by all “great” military nations and is still very apparent in modern warfare. Somehow it is difficult to comprehend the influence that today’s mass media has on our perspective of the world, but when we look back on history we cannot understand how people could believe the propaganda of the Nazis and the Soviets. At the same time we blindly believe the image that the mass media portrays of the world. Has anything really changed?

Can we imagine how it is to be a young man in a war, killing other young men for a cause that is supposedly noble and beyond critical thinking? The biggest taboo of all is broken, the killing of another human being. What does that mean?

The deteriorating sites that have been abandoned are filled with memories of glory and horror, laughter and screams.


We might want to believe this is all over now, and the world has become a better place, but if we look closely we can still see the ghost of the cold war lurking about. The tension is still in the air. The struggles that have taken place through history and the collapses of great empires is a clear reminder that nothing can be taken for granted and struggle on many levels is an undeniable part of life.