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The Chronicles of The Journey in Time

by Lukas Brasiskis (a work in progress)

A Time Machine

A Bottomless Narrative of The Endless Voyage

A temporal aspect of all the voyages is usually subordinated to the continuity of the representational (hi)story. Contrary to the common practice, in the chronicles of the journey in time (supposedly a 3-screen video, sound and text installation) fragmentary images supported by fictional stories will work to reveal the ambiguous nature of the official knowledge of the past. To be more concise, the documentation of this journey (as online and offline installations) will propose to break the illusion of the stability and clarity of the historical explanation of the events and places, while staying honest to the present of things withdrawn from the official knowledge of the past.

A few short fragments of the vanishing places and objects captured in journeys through different abandoned post-German and post-communist sites in Lithuania (Klaipeda), Latvia (Aizpute), Russia (Kaliningrad) and Finland are going to be represented on the online and offline screens. The supplementary narration by the character of the historian commenting the documentation from the future is going to appear in the form of text subtitles separated from the actual videos and photos taken by Time traveler. Time traveler's impressions from his journeys back in time (in other words, to the present of abandoned post-military and post-industrial places) will only be visible.

A Foreword to The Journey in Time

This voyage has begun in the north of Thailand where he has met a sorcerer, (widely known from the Apichatpong's Weerasethakul's installation "Primitive") who was organizing journeys in time. All to one were asking the sorcerer to bring them to the future and no one was interested in travelling back in time, he has sincerely acknowledged during their first conversation. “Look at these pictures”, said the sorcerer showing him barely visible photos. “Do you think there's something here? They were taken a long time ago, probably with an old analog camera. Don't you see anything strange about them?” He looked at the pictures the sorcerer was showing to him. A vacant bunker’s room at twilight. Shadows of the soldiers are playing cards...

After a while he heard the sound of fireworks and clearly realized that he wants to go there on his own risk. Thus, he became the one who had chosen the direction back. At first he was slightly afraid of returning back to the present, because, he guessed, there will already be the future. He imagined a historian watching his videos and criticizing a way of the portrayal of the past, which at that moment still probably going to be a present for him...