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Abandoned Mystery (AbMy) is open for unconventional ideas, research-and-collaboration-oriented proposals related to the abandoned issues of sites, businesses, vehicles, half-life-forms, spirits, technologies, ecology, energy, synergy, sociality, mystery and other miscellaneous objects and subjects that do not quite fit with any of the above.

It invites all kind of explorers by nature, outsid(t)ers, undergrounders, DIY technical structures, historians, permafuturists, mythologists, mycologists, bioremediators, psycho-mytho-geographafers, shamans, critical cartographers, parapsychologists (magicians), detectives, story-tellers, all-in-one and not-yet-defined to contribute with material from abandoned places.

The proposed project can be multidisciplinary research and unexpected expressions inspired by the particular environment or/and can be carried out in the form of workshops in relation to the specific technology or the specific site.

Looking forward to receive your mysterious proposal!