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One Digitalized Frame of The Analog Past

A part of The Chronicles of The Journey in Time by Lukas Brasiskis

There are a lot of facts (including some digital photographs) testifying that Time traveler was visiting Karosta’s mansions, which were built at the end of 19th century. At the time of Time traveler’s visit, the area of Karosta was populated by a low-income social class people of Russian origin and was troubled by high unemployment, street crime and drug problems. There was no interest in the past among the inhabitants of Karosta at that time. Soviet-era buildings, including many rows of block housing, surrounded the remnants of the forgotten Tsarist houses. Originally built for the aristocratic families of Russian admirals, among architects known because of richly decorated and yet modest and simplistic style, the old mansions were largely uninhabited and most structures of them were falling to ruin at the moment when Time traveler arrived.

Triptic small2.jpg

As historians notice, inside an empty Art Nouveau style mansion Time traveler has found a 35 mm film role (some researchers point out that children playing in the abandoned area showed it to him). Despite the fact that bricks and trash were covering the film, Time traveler managed to take a digital picture of one frame of the unknown film. According to some unapproved rumors, because of his slightly romantic nature, Time traveler has chosen the film frame containing an image of a dark-haired woman flirting with a handsome man with a moustache. Separated by a bush of red wild berries the two are passionately starring at each other in that frame.

Many years later, the digital photograph of the film frame taken by Time traveler was found in one of computers of the world's archive. While researching the origin of the time and light indexed by the digital camera, the photo was enlarged as much as technologies allowed. That is how did it look:

Enlarged smaller.jpg

P.S. Academicians explained that in this way.