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A Journey to The City of Time Clashes

A part of The Chronicles of The Journey in Time by Lukas Brasiskis

Historical records show that Time traveler was visiting the area of Karosta sometime between 20th and 21-st centuries. The area once under the order of Tsar Alexander III was constructed as a naval base and inhabited by aristocratic Russian admirals, after the collapse of the Tsarist Russian Empire served for the Soviet military base and, after all, was turned into the poorest living district of Liepoja (the city of Latvian republic). There are not many documents from the journey that has ended in an unknown way. As Time traveler’s messages show, after an arrival he was really enthusiastic about the beauty and richness of historical clashes widely seen in the place he was visiting. But soon he stopped messaging, and, after his last short note, supossedly disappeared. Here you can check a few video documents about Time traveler's journey to Karosta. Additional commentaries by researches are included as subtitles.