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From her diary:

2012 04 24 10a.m.

We are waiting for a morning ferry to go. Watching shimmering water and breathing in the fresh saulty morning light. The sea sound hides on the left. Towards it military ship passes slowly, with two soldiers on the deck, how many inside. Local says they are searching the bottom for still vivid mines and explosives every morning.

From his diary:

2012 05 19

While visiting Kaliningrad's 1st Fortification museum, in the exposition we saw a camera, which was found in the well nearby. The camera was amateur, rusty. We took it to a darkest corner to check if the film is still inside. The film was there. We stole it. We were dying to develope it. Finally, when back to Vilnius, we have decided to leave the secret inside, and she has drowned the film cartridge in the river.

A piece by Milda Lauzikaite and Saulius Leonavicius