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During the Abandoned Mystery project, the idea of 'Bunker Symphony' was born. The piece is created from audible and hidden sounds, collected from abandoned places and bunkers in Kaliningrad, Lithuania and Latvia. The Symphony comprise of field recordings, contact microphones and special circuit for receiving land signals.

Part One

It's interesting to make the sound picture of the place by mixing 3 sources : digital tape recorder records audible sounds, contact mikes record inaudible sounds and land signals receiver (LSR) gets the strange hum and clicks from the ground. Each bunker has it's very specific sonic landscape like acoustic space, hidden sounds like from the armature that sticks from the walls or walls itself. And LSR registered some undefined sounds from ground, which is a combination of currents that flew in the land, electromagnetic waves, signals from the space (cause Earth is a huge antenna), and something that nobody knows. It's living organism.

So I just recorded and sampled various sounds from bunkers and around them. I call it soundfishing.

As a result the 1st part of Bunker Symphony was born. Enjoy it.

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Part Two

The basic technique of creating the composition is the same as for part one, except for one thing, which occurred by accident. When I was working with one file in the audio editor, the software suddenly crashed and this file totally disappeared from hard disk drive. Such a strange thing had never happened to me since the first time I used computers (and that's over 20 years!). I tried to recover the deleted files, but with no luck.

However, I managed to recover some old, deleted audio files that I had forgotten about. And most of these files were damaged in an interesting way: the parts of sound waves were replaced by unknown digital information, which sounded great. It turned the piece into a new, slightly different сhannel. I've added the cuts of this digital noise to my original composition. Accidents can be an interesting thing - re-discovering the abandoned space of the hard disk drive, resurrecting the ruins of sound...

I've added some pre-recorded sounds into the loop machine to create an ambient texture, which, for me, is associated with the frozen state of abandoned places, decaying to the end of the piece. It suggests the entropy of the objects that we visited. Sometime in the future there, only the dust will remain instead of these strange places. But if the world around us is just a projection of our mind, we can play with its unlimited potential. And by performing any act, by having some thoughts and speech, we can influence these environments. So the structure of the composition is like that: the place was in the state of quietness, then someone came to play, then left it, and changes appear.

To explain music, the most objectless kind of art, is a very difficult task. Everyone feels something deeply personal when listening to sound. There is an old proverb: to tell about music is like dancing about architecture.

Let's listen to the sound.

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Special thanks to Milda, who plays trombone in great round room in Memel Nord, and Jon, who told about his impressions in the one of hangars.