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Abandoned Mystery is a Multi/Inter/Trans/Cross/Non-disciplinary Expedition pilot project on exploring the constitution of the phenomena of abandoned military sites of the European edges in the Baltic Sea area. (Pre-WWII fortifications, Soviet military heritages in Koenigsberg/Kaliningrad, Memel/Klaipeda and Riga, Curonian Spit, Vyborg, Karelian Isthmus/Russia, Liepaja, Vainode, Skrunda/Latvia as well as Porkkala, Suomenlinna, Miehikkälä/Finland and Plateliai, Gulbiniskiai, Rimsai/Lithuania).

Fluctuating between art, (social) science, history, anthropology, architecture mythology and involving different types of cross-disciplinary mutants, detectives and innovators from the field of: acoustic, architecture, psycho-mytho-geography, critical cartography and not-yet-defined, the project seeks to explore those mysterious locations and study their inner logic as an interaction between nature, people, ancient, contemporary, past and future. In cooperation with partners the core-group of initiators is organizing a number of field-trips towards abandoned places in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Finland while residing in Nida/LT, Aizpute/LV and Miehikkälä/FI. The documentation, data and artistic outcomes will be published on this website becoming the platform for cross-collaborative on-going laboratory and archive.

The mission of the AbMy:

  • To reveal the fascinating history of the abandoned issues through cross-cultural dialogue
  • To give a voice to what is forgotten through adventure, environmenta awareness, respect to the mystery and abandoned unsustainable.

The questions raised are:

  • Will our "non-secret research and attention" to the abandoned/hidden environments will de-mystify them by default? And if "yes" how can we be respective to this issue?
  • Could the natural phenomena and mysteries of abandoned objects, subjects and environments still fascinate today's people and coming generation, saturated by digital entertainments?
  • Could they shift the attitude of people to more respectful and caring direction concerning those environments as they are?

Abandoned Mystery is initiated by Natalia Borissova (RU/DE), Mindaugas Gapševičius (LT/DE) and Anna Karpenko (RU)

In collaboration and support from: Andrew Paterson/Pixelache Helsinki (FI), Vytautas Michelkevičius/Nida art Colony (LT), Signe Pucena/SERDE (LV), Maxim Mikhaylov/COBUCE (RU).

The project is launched under the umbrella of: Lithuanian Inter­disciplinary Artists’ Association

It is supported by the Nordic Culture Point, Culture Support Foundation, State Culture Capital Foundation, the Top association in Berlin and Goethe Institute